Why the Baganda are lagging behind despite huge resources in Mengo far greater than those of His Highness the Aga Khan

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By Pastor Moses Solomon Male

I am a Muganda and proud to be so but above all, a proud Ugandan. While I desire that someday a fellow Muganda becomes President of Uganda, I treasure that even if a Muganda doesn’t, whoever leads values every Ugandan and ensures that fairness and opportunities are accorded to all Ugandans in circumstances irrespective of tribe, religion, social class etc.
However, the way some of my fellow Baganda are promoting our own while attacking other tribes makes me feel unsettled and it as narrowing the cause, alienating ourselves and missing the great mark.
A case at hand: many Hon Kyagulanyi supporters and promoters band all Westerners (Banyankore, Bakiga, Batooro, Banyoro, etc) with President Museveni and his privileged few Westerners and collaborators as having looted / vandalized this country with all impunity.

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This is wrong and totally misconceived.
All Ugandans including Westerners suffer and I believe Kyagulanyi and others like me speak for all unprivileged and disenfranchised Ugandans, not for only Baganda.
I have many Westerner friends who have toiled their way up the scales of life like other non-Westerner Ugandans and have nothing whatsoever to do with President Museveni and his privileged and chosen few. Banding them with Museveni’s privileged class would be a very great mistake.
In 2019, I travelled to Mbarara on my research on the challenge of betting in Uganda. Just as betting has been allowed to flourish and impoverish people in Buganda, so has it been allowed to flourish and impoverish people in Ankole.
Prostitution in Buganda also flourishes in Ankole. In fact, in Kizungu zone in Mbarara, I found young Banyankole girls, aged between 13 and 17 years in prostitution for survival.
Health care facilities in Buganda are just as bad as those elsewhere in Uganda.

Educational decadence in Buganda is just like elsewhere in Uganda.
On poverty, the difference is that leadership in Ankore and Kigezi mobilized their own into improved agriculture and livestock farming while leadership in Buganda keeps lamenting about the demised powerful Buganda kingdom which can never and ever return unless militant Baganda take up arms and self sacrificially fight for Buganda independence.
If they cannot, then let us look at Buganda in the context of Uganda, not in isolation. Let us not even attempt to disengage the Baganda from the rest of Ugandans by such useless and dangerous isolationist rhetorics however excited we may be.
Yes, Westerners have many juicy jobs and dominate the economy. But I think we also need to examine ourselves as Baganda. With all the structures and resources we have in Mengo far greater than those of His Highness the Aga Khan, how come we have still failed to make headway to fully utilize them for the benefit of our people!
How come Baganda in Key positions cannot source and recruit their own like people of other tribes do?
Have we dealt with dishonesty of fellow Baganda when given opportunities?
Have we dealt with Baganda in spiritual entities: shrines (masabo) and now churches, especially the Born Again and now Duwa sheikhs defrauding their own taking advantage of them in their times of need to enrich themselves?
Have we dealt with Baganda in money lending (money sharks) extorting and taking fellow Baganda properties mortgaged at very low prices in their times of need?

Have we dealt with Baganda who prefer to sell land to non Baganda who offer better prices than Baganda buyers?
How about Baganda who cannot support their own to come up?
How were the Teefe Trust Bank and Bika football funds frauds resolved? Were culprits ever penalized?
If we have dumped our values and remain Baganda for convenience and now praise & welcome rich thieves while castigating the honest poor, and our sons and daughters in response give themselves over to them, do we have moral authority to castigate them?
I can write on and on. Fellow Baganda, it is time to wake up if we are to advance. Polarization must stop. Foresightedness must be inculcated. Greed must be abandoned. Self worthiness must be pursued as we consider Buganda as an entity within Uganda.

I believe we can advance further and realize what we have failed to realize since independence if we can drop tribal and other polarizations and look at the entire Uganda without any discrimination.

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Avenging cannot be and will never be a solution to our problems as a nation, it just worsens our situation.
As we all look forward to an already long overdue leadership change, I call for calm and non-excitement.
I also beg to be corrected if in any way wrong.

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