Why religious leaders ‘close’ to Museveni remain silent on reopening of places of worship

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By Bishop Nassan Turyamureeba

Dear Fellow Pastors,
I have read most of the opinions on Facebook about churches and asking President Yoweri Museveni to re-open them.
In my view; let us put the following in consideration first:
Why do you think Mr. President invited the Religious leaders when he wanted to close the Places of Worship?!
Have you seen any of these who went to meet with him complain or ask the president anything?!

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Before you rush to the President, have we asked our fellow Leaders (those who attended the meeting) what exactly transpired during the meeting concerning the lockdown procedures!
On the side of the born-again Christians; I understand there was Pr. Robert Kayanja, Bishop Joshua Lwere and Dr. Joseph Sserwadda.
I am afraid! You may say none of the above represented you! Why do you think you were not invited?!
Have we asked ourselves why our Brothers; i.e. the Muslims, Anglicans, and the Catholics are silent about the matter?! I stand to be corrected if there are some places of worship allowed to open already.

Among all the sectors that have been opened, is there any that wrote to the President first, or it was his initiative?! Why do we think we can make him do something out of his calculations?!
When the lockdown was passed, you agreed to close your church by being obedient to the directives of the president of Uganda and the religious council you will still have to wait until they announce the re-opening.
Personally I can’t wait for that day when Mr. President will announce the best news since he started lifting up the lockdown in phases.

What day will it be like that all church programs get back to normal! Long are the days when we last worshipped our God with liberty and freedom together in unity with our brethren.
Patience pains but pays my brothers and sisters, let us not grow weary but all our trust in God that soon we shall get back to our sanctuaries, Amen

the writer is the Bishop of Pentecostal Church Daystar Cathedral Mbarara.

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