Why Chameleone fought Fik Fameika at Mowzey Radio’s vigil

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Singer Jose Chameleone proved that he did not learn much from the bar fight that claimed Radio’s life when he, together with his gang, beat up fellow musician Fik Fameika at the vigil on Thursday night.

It all started when the numbers of mourners increased. It had been expected that the notorious Kifeesi and Lipanda criminal gangs would show up at the vigil.

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At about midnight, shortly after Fik Fameika’s arrival, members of Kifeesi also showed up. It was during this time that a phone belonging to Weasel, strangely disappeared. one of the mourners said one of the young men in the company of Fik Fameika had been seen stealing the phone.

Since the alleged thief had disappeared, Chameleone begun to grill Fameika on the whereabouts of his ‘friend’. Fameika, however, feigned ignorance which further angered Chameleone who looked already drunk.

Chameleone, together with his crew, reportedly descended on Fameica, throwing punches, Kicking and pulling till they threw him to the ground. Fameica managed to get up and run for his away. Members of Kifeesi took advantage of the chaos to rob from the mourners. The situation got out of control as Police was soon outnumbered by goons. Peace and calm were later restored when Military Police arrived at the venue.

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