Weasal set to join Winnie Nwagi at Swangz Avenue

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The death of Mowzey Radio left many wondering, what next for Weasel?, Some went ahead predict his downfall while others revealed he needed to partner with leading artist, they went ahead to choose a perfect match for him to collaborate; artists like King Saha, Maro, David Lutalo among others were the perfect candidates, some also advised him to join B2C music group thinking that with them he won’t regret.

However, it seems like Swangz Avenue already had its eyes on Weasal and they were only waiting for the perfect time. Benon Mugumbya, one of Swangz Managers praised Weasal’s talent and expressed the desire of signing him to Swangz. And close source reveal that Swangz might Fuse him with song bird Winnie Nwagi.Benon Mugumbya is one of the biggest music producers in Uganda. He was also part of the people who contributed to the rise of Mowzey Radio and Weasel as well as shaping the Ugandan music industry

Having stayed on musical scenes for a long time, Benon thinks that Weasal is capable of taking some managerial roles at Swangz, and that this music label will take care of marketing and rebranding of Weasal

”I’ve worked with him [ Weasel] on a number of projects. I remember one of our first songs we did with him was Feelings alongside Ticktah, Vampos, Kidfox, Sizzaman and Weasel, he almost killed everyone with his verse. Let me just say that it’s up to them to see how it works.”Benon recent said.

January last year, Singer Irene Ntale uit Swangz Avenue. The “Olindaba” singer shocked her fans with a long post that announced her sudden decision.“My dearest Fans and friends, they say time flies, and today seems like one of those days when one takes it in stride to announce that after a lot of contemplation, I am officially departing from Swangz Avenue!” she posted.

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“I have made my intentions known to my record label and we have both come to an understanding that this is the best move forward.

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