War of Words: ‘‘No one can bring me to my knees’’ Kagame warns

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Speaking during the 16th edition of the Rwanda Leadership Retreat, that brings together senior leaders from Central Government, Local Government, parastatals and the private sector, Rwanda president Paul Kagame warned that ‘ ‘one thing is impossible: No one can bring me to my knees’’

“When I hear somebody say no one can destabilize their country, I agree. No one should actually be destabilizing that country but that country should also not be destabilizing others, I think it is a fair deal,” Kagame said in one of the tweets quoting him.

He added: “You can attempt to destabilize our country, you can do us harm, you can shoot me with a gun and kill me. But there is one thing that is impossible: No one can bring me to my knees. Men& women of our country, you should never accept that.”
“We have been provoked, people have crossed our borders, killed our people and we have not responded. We were able to see someone wanted to drag us into this mess. When they have dragged you into this sort of problem, then you start looking the same,” he said.

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Kagame said he had learnt lessons of the country’s struggles, of the hardships. “One of them is I am not in control of what somebody else thinks about me or plans to do against me. But I must be in control of something, and that is what happens here,” he said.

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