Video: Museveni can’t hand over power to anyone before commercial oil production – Ruth Nankabirwa

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While Ugandans were still debating why we have to blow over $50m of our hard earned export dollars to import printed ballot papers [a job printers in Uganda can do locally] for the forthcoming general elections, the Government Chief Whip, Hon Ruth Nankabirwa delivered a ‘heavy bomb shell’

‘‘President Museveni will not hand over power to anyone “before enjoying the oil cash.” Nankabirwa is quoted as saying.

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Museveni has lots of money, power, can’t easily be removed-

April 2018, while Addressing residents of Kabale for the belated International Women’s Day ‘‘said President Museveni has lots of money, power and other resources, thus he cannot be removed from power by anyone’’

The 54 year old, says no other person in the country wields as much power or has other resources like President Museveni. Adding that Mr. Museveni is the only capable leader pushing Uganda to the Promised Land.
Nankabirwa recently said that President Museveni’s intellect is beyond human; perhaps next to God’s.
She added: the President is superhuman both in his thinking and deeds. Nankabirwa says this is the reason he [President Museveni] has devoted most of time and energy to see that Ugandans come out of poverty.

“….. Like Jesus, he [President Museveni] left the comforts of the world and decided to use his life to help Ugandans out of poverty and misery,” she said.

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