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The Airlander 10, the World’s longest aircraft that carry up to ten tons, can fly for five days non-stop cruising at 80 knots (90mph) will be unveiled soon.

The spokesperson for Hybrid Air Vehicles the makers of magnificent aircraft told Sky News that the Aircraft is ‘‘very much an Aircraft for the 21st Century’’.

He added: it uses the latest materials. It got the latest fly-by-night technology, a avionics and computer technology.

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The aircraft will be useful for humanitarian relief in times of crisis.

“It’s very satisfying for the team and me to get another milestone under our belts. We’re hugely excited about the forthcoming Airlander First Flight this year.” – Mike Durham, Hybrid Air Vehicles’ Technical Director

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Unlike traditional airships, the Airlander has no internal structure but it becomes rigid through being filled with helium, at just above atmospheric pressure. The super-strong hull material has been especially designed for us by Warwick Mills and assembled by ILC Dover, the company who make NASA spacesuits. Its innovative composition includes a woven fabric for strength on the inside, and a Tedlar layer for protection on the outside, sandwiching a mylar film to retain the helium.

The very latest materials, which are both strong and light, are used throughout the manufacture of our cutting-edge Airlander 10, ranging from the bespoke hull fabric to the mainly carbon composite Mission Module, Fuel Module, Ducts and engine support battens.

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Hybrid Air Vehicles are the world leaders in hybrid aircraft, combining the best of aeroplanes and helicopters with lighter-than-air technology to bring brand new capabilities to aircraft. An Airlander produces 60% of its lift aerostatically (by being lighter-than-air) and 40% aerodynamically (by being wing-shaped) as well as having the ability to rotate its engines to provide an additional 25% of thrust up or down; this means the Airlander can hover as well as land on almost any surface, including ice, desert and even water! It produces less noise, less pollution, have a lower carbon footprint than conventional aircraft, and have longer endurance and better cargo-carrying capacity than any other flying vehicle.

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