United Arab Emirates law ensuring equal pay for men and women comes into force

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A new United Arab Emirates (UAE) law ensuring equal pay for men and women in the private sector will come into operation on Friday.
A draft form of the landmark legislation was approved by the UAE Cabinet in April, 2018.
The decree was issued by President Sheikh Khalifa. The new law will state that “women shall be granted a wage similar to that of a man if she performs the same work, or another of equal value.”
The amended directive, updating a previous federal law established in 1980, aims to encourage more women to join the private sector.

The UAE jumped 23 ranks in the United Nations Development Programme’s 2019 Gender Inequality Index, ranking first in the Arab world and 26th globally.
The UAE has made significant strides in recent years in its effort to promote gender equality.
Sheikha Fatima, the Mother of the Nation, launched Emirati Women’s Day in 2015 to bring recognition to the crucial role of women in the country.

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The UAE struck a blow for equality by ensuring half of its 40 Federal National Council members were women after a decree by President Sheikh Khalifa.
The membership of the council is now equally represented after the latest elections in October of last year.

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