Umeme’s new $1million switching station in Lyantonde to improve power supply in Masaka and Mbarara

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Power distributor Umeme is building a switching station in Lyantonde District to improve supply in the district, Masaka and Mbarara cities.
The Managing Director Umeme, Mr. Selestino Babungi says the switching station will be running by June 2021.
“Once it is in place, it will quicken the detection of faults between Masaka and Mbarara since it is a midpoint between the two cities. It will also help keep the factories in production 24/7 by switching them from a faulty line to the one without a fault,” Babungi said.

Amos Dairies, one of the large power users in the region, says through investment in the grid, Umeme is improving power supply quality and reliability.
Mr. Ram Kumar, the Factory Manager, Amos Dairies, one of the large power consumers in Western Uganda commended Umeme for providing stable power supply which has enabled them to operate without outages.
Mr. Babungi says after Umeme put up a Shs5billion substation in Ishaka and interconnected it with a transmission substation in Mbarara, power users are extremely happy with the quality of supply.

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Babungi was speaking during an onspot visit to customers in Western Uganda to assess the level of service delivery as the Company continues to invest in reliable and stable power supply.
The team visited Amos Dairies, Sino Industrial Park, Global Village Tea, Kiko Tea and some of Umeme’s installations.
Mr. Babungi said investments are important for the Country to create jobs, earn foreign exchange and economic development.

Babungi said there’s a link between Umeme’s investments in the network and supply reliability.
Between 2005 and 2019, Umeme had invested $654million in expanding the length of the distribution grid, reducing energy losses, and connecting applicants to the grid.

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