Uhuru Kenyatta asked to reduce on alcohol consumption

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The head of Kenya’s Central Organization of Trade Unions, the umbrella body for the country’s trade unions, Francis Atwoli, has asked President Uhuru Kenyatta to stop drinking alcohol otherwise, this will cost the president and country at large dearly.

I am appealing to the president to be (a) little bit sober. Even the way he is addressing the public he appears not sober,” Atwoli said. “You still have a large following in Kenya, sober up!” Atwoli said during press conference on Sunday.

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Speaking to his supporters shortly after Supreme Court cancelled his re-election and ordered for fresh elections within 60 days, Kenyatta said:
Mr Kenyatta said that the judges were “paid by foreigners and other fools”.
[Chief Justice] Maraga and his thugs have decided to cancel the election. We are keeping a close eye on them. We are keeping a close eye on them. But let us deal with the election first. We are not afraid.
Kenyatta referred to Chief justice and the judiciary as “crooks” who had stolen his victory.
Kenyatta “appeared not to be sober” at the event, said Atwoli who warned Kenyatta that he may lose supporters because of his conduct.

Many Kenyans on social media have made fun of Kenyatta’s appearance, some calling him “Commander in Drinks.”
In September 2015, an activist Boniface Mwangi publicly urged Kenyatta to seek treatment for alcoholism. In a letter Mwangi said stories abound about Kenyatta’s drinking escapades including how official guests have been kept waiting as Kenyatta’s handlers try to sober him up and how Kenyatta has shown up late at state functions reeking of alcohol. “There are many more but l would rather not tell them all,” Mwangi 34, wrote.

In July last year, while launching EABL plant in Kisumu, president Uhuru Kenyatta excited Kenyans after taking a glass of Senator Keg beer.
After opening the plant, president Uhuru was offered half glass of beer only for him to order for a full mug of the drink
‘ ‘ Hiyo ni Kidogo sana Ongeza’’ That is too little, add some more, the president stated,

Last year, In an interview with Kenya’s Business Daily’s Jackson Biko, barman Charles Njuguna Warui, who has throughout his career served the high and mighty, revealed that President Uhuru Kenyatta drink of choice when he used to patronise Caribana Bar and Grill in Hurlingham, Nairobi, every Sunday of the week was Glenlivet whisky.- that’s before he became the big man

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