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For the last 50 years, pupils in Primary Seven have been scoring distinctions. The same pupils score distinctions at O’level and the same students get A’s and B’s at A’level.  And their names and mug shots appear in the newspapers.

Now, my question is, why is it that the said students in Uganda have not come up with any innovations! Say like an application like WhatsApp, Facebook, etc!

Why haven’t we come up with any innovation from Uganda to fight climate change, despite all the scientists, professors, and researchers we have?

It is simply because our children are taught to pass exams and not to excel in day-to-day life!

The education syllabus is Uganda is 100% about knowledge (cram work) and not skills.

Why is it that 99% of civil works in Uganda are executed by Chinese, yet we have a faculty of engineering at Makerere University?

Please don’t tell me about Kiira Motor!

The said ‘manufactured’ Kiira cars were actually assembled with parts manufactured elsewhere in the world.

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How many mechanical engineering students from Makerere University can disassemble and reassemble a car engine?

The education syllabus in Uganda urgently needs structural changes!

Why would an O’level student study more 10 useless subjects?

Why would a young boy interested in becoming a medical doctor study Shakespeare, Misisipi River, Napoleon Bonaparte, etc? How relevant are they to his future aspirations?

The world has changed a lot that if we don’t go by the changes, by teaching our children practical skills for them to excel in day-to-day life, we are seated on a time bomb!

Are you aware that 84% of our youths in the country are unemployed? Look at these universities producing clueless graduates!

Frank Gshumba is the team leader -Sisimuka Uganda, an organization that seeks to Change Mindset, Creating Self Belief, Transforming Lives and Communities.


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