Uganda’s coffee rated among the top 03 globally – professional coffee tasters rated 1,229 coffees

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By Moses Kaketo

Ugandan coffee has been raked among the top three globally-if hundreds of professional coffee tasters are to be believed.
The professional coffee tasters certified by the Coffee Quality Institute (CQI) graded 1,229 coffee from around the world that were harvested from 2010 to 2018.
‘‘Ethiopia’s coffees, as a group, fell higher on the scale than those of any other country. Two other African nations, Kenya and Uganda, rounded out the podium.’’bean poet

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Ethiopia’s coffee came first, followed by Kenya. Uganda’s coffee came third.
On average, Ethiopia coffee was rated at 84.88, Kenya’s at 84.31 while Uganda’s coffee was rated at 84.05
Among the top 16, the scores are as follows: Brazil 82.41, Tanzania 82.37, Indonesia 82.57 and Columbia 83.11
The CQI certified coffee graders must pass 22 tests to prove they can grade coffee accurately and consistently by its aroma, flavor, acidity, body, balance and more.

According to test results Arabica coffee from eastern Uganda, Kapochorwa and Rwenzori region was tastier
At 86.83 points, coffee from Kapochorwa, eastern Uganda, exported by Kabum Trading coffee was found to be tastier
With 85.9 points, coffee from eastern Uganda exported by Kawacom Uganda limited took the second position
In 3rd place (with 85.42 points) was again Kapchorwa coffee exported by Great lakes coffee.
It was followed Bulambuli coffee (at 85.5 points), in eastern Uganda, exported by Kyagalanyi limited
According to the June 2020 Coffee export figures, Uganda’s coffee export performance in FY2019/20 set an all-time new record of 5.06 million 60-kg bags, an increase of 84 per cent over the first decade of Vision 2040.

Export earnings also reached an all-time new level of $ 494 million, representing an increase of 88 percent over the same period. Year-on-year performance for coffee export volume and value registered an increase of 21 and 18 percent respectively between FY2018/19 and FY2019/20.
According to Uganda Coffee Development Authority (UCDA) figures, Uganda’s coffee production doubled from 3.5million bags in FY2014/15 to 7.0 million bags in FY2018/19.

Depending on how production figures for FY2019/20 turnout, the year 2020 could see Uganda, which is already Africa’s largest coffee exporter, overtaking Ethiopia as Africa’s largest coffee producer.
Ethiopia’s coffee production for mid-year-MY20/20 (Oct-Sep) is forecast at 7.35 million 60-kilogram bags while exports for the same period are forecast to reach a record 4 million bags.

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