Uganda’s coffee exports on an upward move with both volume and value

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Uganda’s coffee is now on an upward move with both volume and value.
In terms of volume, Uganda contributed to the global coffee exports market in the month ending January a total of 401,930 (60kilogramme) bags.

According to Uganda Coffee Development Authority (UCDA), during this period, which is the fourth month on the coffee calendar, the country earned in terms of revenue $43.66 million (Shs158 billion) up from $42.2 million (Shs153 billion) earned the previous month.

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Experts in the industry say, if this trend continues, the country’s campaign to reach the 20 million bags at least by 2025 will be achieved.
“We have seen more than 500 million seedlings which were planted three-four years ago start fruiting and this has contributed to the volumes that we see now,” says UCDA’s executive director, Emmanuel Iyamulemye.

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He says, with all the other agronomical practices in place such as rehabilitation of the existing crop and expansion to new areas such as Northern Uganda, parts of Busoga and greater Bunyoro the volumes will continue growing.

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