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By our reporter

The dictionary explains drugs as a substance which has a physiological effect when ingested or otherwise introduced into the body.
With the talk of drugs ruling the music industry for the past years we bring you a list of musicians whose talents are set to be ruined or already no more because of drugs.

Moze Radio
Everything Jose Chameleone does, Uganda’s finest duo does better. He drinks, smokes everything like a chimney. Moze Radio (real names, Moses Ssekibogo) faced his worst fears when traffic police caught him red-handed, drunk-driving recently in Makindye, a Kampala Suburb. He was partly undressed.

According to a video that made rounds online, the singer freaked out after he was stopped by a traffic police. He had a dozen empty bottles of liquor in the driver’s seat with passengers (Music affiliates) in the backseat.
Dr. Jose Chameleone

You should be surprised, right? But if you omitted him from this league could it be a story worth it? No. Musically, he reigns, but if we could organize Cigarette smoking awards in Uganda, the self-styled music doctor and once music giant would win a lifetime achievement award.
We can confirm he does not smoke Marijuana, but I can confirm that of Chameleon’s budget goes to REX. “Ate Sigala atta” (cigarette kills)
Ssiza Dictionary
The Lusama singer one day will pee*** guiness instead of Urine. He is not a stranger to drink and drive.

Young Mulo
Rumored to have a hand in the dangerous Kartel gang (Kifeesi), the self-acclaimed King of dancehall in Uganda has always been in jail for reportedly smoking weed. He calls himself the man insane, word from the ghetto say, he is now campaigning against the use of drugs in public. Kyoka banange

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Jingo Sho
This is the then new kid on the block who hit the music industry with the famous Zouk tune “Baganda Batudize federal” during the days when the Buganda Kingdom was at the height of pressing the government for Federal governance. Oba what happened to federal demands?

As I write this the Jingo Sho alias Bujingo Lawrence might be at Mulungu blazing rounds of Cigar and marijuana.
On many occasions he has been involved in various fights with fellow Musicals like Bobi Wine among others.
Jackie Chandiru
Ugandan songstress Jackie Chandiru is undergoing treatment for her drug addiction. The Gold Digger hitmaker had revealed that she is tired of living and wants to die because she feels her life is currently a mess.

that Jackie recently confided in a close relative that she just wanted to die because her life is currently in a total mess. With photos going round of her condition, it’s clear that she really is in a bad state. The photos show scars caused by the cocaine and heroin injections.
Sheeba Karungi
Drugs and the Nkwataako singer are twins that she was recently denied a visa to Sweden after allegedly testing positive to drugs. she drinks like a fish and smokes like an exhaust pipe.
You are waiting for Bobi Wine’s name, right? Fortunately, Bobi doesn’t feature on the list, thank God he has a good wife Barbie Kyagulanyi who has helped him beat addiction

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