Ugandan celebrities who have had a rough 2016

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By our reporter


The year 2016 is coming to an end. It has been such a miraculous year. From the free and fair February general elections, to Muhanga goats and yes! Donald Trump, it is winding up with many, achieving their resolutions. Others are cursing it, given the bad experiences they have suffered.

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Today, we bring to you some of Uganda’s’ self-proclaimed celebrities who, we think have fallen short of glory in 2016. Read on.


Dr. Jose Chameleone

Jose Chameleone problems date back when he took on a childish Gold deal that saw him allegedly lose $4m (about Ugx.10bn) to Congolese tricksters.


After failing to clear the bank loan, the bank had to go for his properties including the Sseguku home and land worth millions. Then, came the infamous Karamagi saga that sunk him into legal battles that saw him almost go bankrupt.


Unlike Bebe Cool, sources say Chameleon never wanted to join the Tubonge Naawe fracas. He badly needed the money.


2016 has been a bad year for legendary singer that even his Hit Agataako never worked out. Is this the end of the music doctor.



Bad Black


The former prostitute turned celebrity-Bad Black real name Shanitah Namuyimbwa rocked the social scene in 2010 with her spending habits and luxury lifestyle cruising in posh cars and sponsoring nightclubs before being sent to Luzira prison over fraud.


In May this year, Bad Black [turned bad Yellow] was freed after completing her four year jail sentence.


Thank God Luzira Prison might have changed her, but clearly in engineered her flop that even when she tried to bleach, sing and start a church, Bad Black is no more.


Recently, she was sited seeking miracle at burnt Salaama Based ETM church.


For real the Bad Black in prison is much Popular than the one on Kampala Streets.


Apass (Alex Bagonza)

Mostly known for his song Tuli-Kubigere, Singer Apass rose to fame with his incredible Afro-hip-hop ballads that saw him make collabo with the likes of Lillian Mbabazi .

A lot was expected from Apass only to turn into a beefing nuisance throwing jibes to whoever he feels like which erased him on the musical scene .


Recently, A Pass opened up a brand new battle with rapper Navio Kigozi by calling him faded. Apass calls himself a scary musician who has the ability to force rivals to change  music genres from hip-hop to Kadongokamu.


In his own words- A pass said:  “I am the reason why some Rapper no longer Rap. #Its Use Less most of them have joined Kadongokamu.”- in reference to Navio’s latest song-Njogeleza.


As we write this, Apass seems to be more legendary than any other upcoming artist.


Moses Golola

Motor-mouthed and kickboxing maestro Moses Golola (of Uganda) was once a household name. Early this year, Golola collected millions of Shillings from fights and adverts not forgetting the NRM campaign cash.

The last time we heard about the man who is capable of making a woman pregnant by just looking at her, Golola been dismissed from his Mutundwe based two roomed house over the accumulated rent bill.



Kanyamunyu is reportedly a member of Uganda’s undercover celebrities and a money munching machine who rubs shoulders with Ugandan elites.

For those who think he was unpopular before the Infamous Akena saga you must have gotten it wrong given the fact that his brother Joseph  Kanyamunyu is the CEO of a top city public relations  firm-H&K strategies . It would be possible to market him, but he liked it that way.

His case looked like the usual ones, but the public might be clearly influencing his case that it will take time for him to get out of Trouble.


We are not predetermining his fate, but even with the court smiles, romance and kisses, Kanyamunyu will leave to curse 2016.


To be continued

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