Ugandan celebrities who have gone A.W.O.L

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    By Nakawunde Kautharah

    It is only in Uganda where you can be a celebrity for just a few hours. Otherwise a dozen Ugandan celebrities have politely gone silent in the recent past. We have labored to remind you about their existence and the list goes.

    Moses Golola

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    Motor-mouthed and kickboxing maestro Moses Golola (of Uganda) was once a household name. Early this year, Golola collected millions of Shillings from fights and adverts not forgetting the NRM campaign cash.

    The last time we heard about the man who is capable of making a woman pregnant by just looking at her, Golola been dismissed from his Mutundwe based two roomed house over the accumulated rent bill.

    Golola, the only man who can hang his clothes on MTN lines, then chose to rent another house in Bwaise. Sources say, his wife could not bear the life in Bwaise. She fled to Juba. It is said; currently Golola sometimes sleeps in tents under the guise of training.

    Who is not missing Golola’s captivating statements?

    Pastor Martin Ssempa

    A few years ago, Ssempa single-handily launched a war against gay and homosexuality in Uganda. With more Ugandans against the practice, Pastor Martin Ssempa quickly earned celebrity status.

    Late last year, rumours started making rounds that the man of God, who is also a U.S citizen, is wanted in U.S for committing a crime against humanity through his promotion of homophobia in Uganda.

    Martin Ssempa being a U.S. citizen is subject to the U.S. court’s jurisdiction. May 2016, Sexual Minorities Uganda (SMUG) requested that court issues a subpoena, which is a command by a court for a nonparty witness to give testimony and produce documents relevant to the issues in the case.

    With this subpoena, SMUG seeks to question Ssempa under oath concerning his work with lively and his involvement in the persecution of the LGBTI community. When Ssempa learnt of this move, he went into self-exile.

    We went about to ask about the whereabouts of the general in the fight against HIV/AIDS. B.A, M.Sc, PhD. Who was Voted most Influential Clergy in Uganda, at his church in Makerere. Well, what can we say?

    In his absence, the outspoken Pastor Solomon Male has taken over the fight against same sex and homosexuality.

    Sheikh Nooh Muzaata Batte

    He can best be described as an Islamic revolutionary. When he speaks about Islam you might think he comes from the same lineage with the Holly Prophet (PBUH).

    Back then, Muzaata attacked whoever he felt like. He once did the unthinkable when he went after Katiikiro Charles Peter Mayiga and the Buganda Kingdom. This almost brought him down. To Muzaata the word, f*** is too close to his mouth.

    One of Muzaata’s victims was Kampala City Council Authority executive director Jennifer Musisi. Muzaata scoffed at Jennifer Musisi over plans to ban the daily Islamic call (Adhan) in Kampala for causing public nuisance. The war of words between the two leaders reportedly ended when Muzaata’s wife was given a job at KCCA.

    Fast-forward, Muzaata is evidently a reformed man and aligned to the Islamic works of Umrah and Hajji.

    Are you missing Muzzata’s outbursts like we do? If it is true he kept quit because his wife was given a job, then we adopt a new slogan-For God and my stomach.

    John Ken Lukyamuzi (The Man)

    The former Rubaga South legislator is known for the infamous (pidgin Luganda) Ludica with political jibes that hit the ruling party and government the wrong way.

    He won himself a title- ‘The Man’’ for his effort in fighting for the environment. He was a key figure in the fight against the planned Mabira Forest give away to Madhavani to grow sugar-canes. Never mind his house is in a wetland.

    Hon. Lukyamuzi troubles started with the political blackmail that associated him to the high office. This saw him lose his seat to local comedian Kato Lubwama.

    We recently bumped into ‘The Man’’, Oh my, life out of parliament is indeed hard.

    Mulindwa Muwonge

    If it was an Oscar, Mulindwa Muwonge (MM) would be the winner. The former barber, turned celebrity attempted to be like the Tamale Mirundi when he tried to hit at Buganda Kingdom. The very institution that was responsible for his rise to fame. MM started his radio career at CBS FM 88.8 FM.

    After quitting the Mengo based CBS radio, MM Joined Peter Ssematimba’s Super FM. However, his found new love did not last for long.

    His criticism of the Buganda Kingdom earned him a seat in the ‘‘NRM House’’ that when he left Super FM, he quickly landed a job at the struggling government owned Uganda Broadcasting Corporation (UBC). Back then, Muwonge is said to have been very powerful with direct access to the highest office.

    Despite the fact that he has a Television program on the little known Star TV and a radio program on Star FM 87.5, with low listenership, MM no longer command the following he had at CBS and Super FM.

    With the ongoing UBC Review, our prayer is that he survives the waves that will follow.

    Bernard Luyiga

    The once vibrant Bernard Luyiga and former KCCA Lord Councilor has since disappeared in thin air. A few years ago, the vocal DP politician chose to name his newly born baby girl after KCCA executive Director Jeniffer Musisi.

    Then he was in the good books with the authorities at City Hall. Whatever happened, only God knows. His attempts to make a U-turn and return to Erias Lukwago camp and the opposition camp were greeted with a big NO.

    Hello Benard Luyiga? How is life?

    John Patrick Amaama Mbabazi

    Once Upon a time, there was a man called RT. Hon. John Patrick Amama Mbabazi……..

    Seriously, where is Hon. Amaama Mbabazi?

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