Uganda is growing tremendously under Museveni’s guidance – Magufuli

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President Yoweri Museveni on Saturday called on the Tanzanian president John Pombe Magufuli at his country home is in Chato Chato District, Geita Region of North-western Tanzania. He was returning from Luanda where he had attended a quadripartite summit involving Angola, Rwanda and DR Congo.

The two presidents spoke about economic relations, citing that they intend to cooperate and make use of Lake Victoria to bolster trade in East Africa, as well as the newly constructed Chato airstrip and the Standard Gauge Railway.
President Magufuli said the three states of Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania, intend to pool resources for the purchase of ships to facilitate transportation of goods amongst the states.
Speaking in Swahili, Mr. Museveni also addressed residents of Chato District, urging residents to embrace his message of wealth creation which he has been preaching to their counterparts in Uganda.

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“The challenges of today are development together with wealth creation and employment. Tanzania has a good working relationship with Uganda and we shall continue working towards eliminating these challenges,” he said.
“Development is infrastructure for all of us. But wealth is for your home. If President Magufuli makes a good road, you don’t come and sleep on the road to enjoy the development,” he added.
“Go and engage in productive services, for instance rear cows, goats, if not Muslim then try pigs that will result into your personal wealth,” said President Museveni.

On his part, President Magufuli thanked his ‘brother’ Museveni for the visit.
“When you called me while going to Angola and said were passing here on return, I was happy. I am very honoured that you flew a long way from Angola, passed over three countries only to land here. Thank you,” he said.
“We are brothers. President Museveni has a great attachment to this place historically. Our nations also have a long history. Most recently when president Nyererere helped Uganda to overthrow Amin’s regime,” said the Tanzanian leader.

President Magufuli also thanked his counterpart for rendering ‘so much’ help to Tanzania from time to time, including most recently when he helped treat Mama Miria Nyerere in Uganda, and also chartering an aircraft for her back home.
The two heads of state held a tete a tete briefly at President Mgaufuli’s country home before President Museveni departed for Kampala.

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