Uganda exports a record 5m coffee bags; set to overtake Ethiopia as Africa’s leading coffee exporter

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Uganda strengthened her position as Africa’s top coffee exporter with a record 5.06 million (60kg) bags in the financial year 2019/20.

According to June 2020 Coffee export figures, Uganda’s coffee export performance in FY 2019/20 set an all-time new record of 5.06 million 60kg bags, an increase of 84% over the first decade of Vision 2040.

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Export earnings also reached an all- time new level of $ 494 million (about ugx. 1.8 trillion),

Uganda also looks set to overtake Ethiopia as African’s leading coffee producing nation, depending on how production figures for FY 2019/20 turnout.

According to Uganda Coffee Development Authority figures, Uganda’s coffee production doubled from 3.5 million bags in FY 2014/15 to 7.0 million bags in FY 2018/19.

Ethiopia’s coffee production for mid-year 2020 (Oct-Sept) is forecast at 7.35 million (60kg) bags while exports for the same period are forecast to reach a record 4 million bags.

Coffee is one of the 14 commodities identified by President Museveni for Uganda’s economic transformation in the wake of COVID19 pandemic. Coffee is also among the 9 commodities under Public investment management for agro- industry strategy formulated by Ministry of finance.

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