Uganda declares end of Marburg virus disease outbreak

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The Marburg Virus Disease (MVD) outbreak was declared [ Chemuron village, Moyok Parish, Moyok sub county, Kween District in Eastern Uganda,] by the Ministry of Health on 19 October, 2017 following laboratory tests conducted at the Uganda Virus Research Institute (UVRI) which confirmed that one person had succumbed to MVD on 13 October 2017.

Since 19th October 2017 to date, a total of 311 people have been followed up from Kween (230) and Kapchorwa (81) districts. These are people who had come into contact with the confirmed cases either during their sickness or after death. Of these, 18 developed symptoms similar to those of MVD.
However, their results tested negative for the disease at UVRI. The rest did not develop symptoms indicating that none contracted the virus. By 16th November, all the contacts had completed their 21 days of monitoring to account for the 21-day incubation period of the virus. An additional 21 days of intensive surveillance was carried out in the affected districts to comply with the WHO requirement for management and control of viral Haemorrhagic fevers and registered no other confirmed MVD patients.

Today [ Friday 8th December] marks 42 days since the death of the last confirmed case which occurred on 26th October 2017, indicating that the MVD outbreak which occurred in Kween and Kapchorwa districts has been contained. MOH is therefore pleased to officially declare the country free from the Marburg Viral Disease.

The total cost of the outbreak response was approximately Uganda Shillings 3.5Billion, both in cash, services and material commodities from Government and partners.
The Minister for Health Sarah Opendi acknowledged the contribution of the different development partners for their support during the outbreak.

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‘ ‘Special recognition goes to the World Health Organization (WHO), the US Centers for DiseaseControl and Prevention (CDC), Médicins Sans Frontières (MSF), United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), USAID, European Union, Uganda Red Cross Society (URCS), World Vision Uganda, Infectious Diseases Institute’’ she said.

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