Trump says he has : ‘never heard of South Sudan president- Salva Kiir’

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US Senator Christopher Coons has revealed details of a conversation he had with South Sudan’s President Salva Kiir, the Washington correspondent of the UK-based Guardian newspaper has reported.
Mr Coons said Mr Kiir told him that US President Donald Trump is his friend and he was looking forward to visit the White House.
The senator, who heads the Foreign Relations committee, told Mr Kiir that the US president Donald Trump had never heard of him, according to The Guardian’s correspondent:

Salva Kiir assumed the leadership of the SPLM in 2005 following the sudden death of its founding leader John Garang in a helicopter crash.
He had always been in the shadow of Mr Garang, but he proved that he was a leader in his own right when he won elections a year before independence by a huge margin, though there were allegations from the opposition of rigging and intimidation.

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Born in 1951 in north-western South Sudan and first joined the southern rebellion in the late 1960s, Salva Kiir is committed Christian, he regularly speaks at the Roman Catholic cathedral in Juba, the capital.
Mr Kiir always seen in public with his trademark cowboy hat, comes from the Dinka community – the largest ethnic group in the south.

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