Tourism: Uganda makes it to prestigious National Geographic Travellers Cool List 2019

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National Geographic Traveller (UK) has revealed its Cool List 2019 which highlights 19 of the best locations to visit next year. Uganda has made it to National Geographic Travellers Cool List for 2019.

Travellers Cool List, is the magazine’s hotly anticipated list. It names the 19 globally “must-see” destinations of the year.

The list was compiled by industry experts, as well as the magazine’s editors and writers.
The Cool List 2019 Features everything from futuristic cityscapes and modernist architecture to pristine rainforest and rehabilitated wildlife.

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Only four African countries – Zimbabwe, Eritrea, KwaZulu-Natal and Uganda made it to list.
Why Visit Uganda?
‘ ‘If you’re longing to see mountain gorillas in the wild, but Rwanda’s ultra-luxe lodges and high permit fees don’t suit your budget, head for Uganda’s Bwindi Impenetrable Forest instead.’’
‘ ‘The steady growth of its gorilla population is one of Africa’s great conservation success stories, with tourists playing an important role. Almost 20 families can now be visited by guided groups of up to eight.’’

Trekking fees raise funds not only for gorillas and their habitat, but also for Uganda’s other national assets including Queen Elizabeth and Murchison Falls National Parks, home to chimps, giraffes and hippos.
‘‘Exploring Bwindi’s birdwatching trails, cycle routes and craft scene after your gorilla trek.’’ The magazine noted in brief about Uganda.

Why visit Uganda now? When Rwanda doubled the price of its gorilla trek permits from $750 to $1,500 (£572 to £1,144) in 2017, neighbouring Uganda responded by freezing its own rates at $600 (£458) until mid-2019.

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