‘’ those who have eyes can see Uganda is on the right path’’ says Museveni has he commissions 06 industries

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President Museveni on Thursday commissioned six industries in Namanve industrial park; including Orion transformers, Alfasan limited, Steel and Tubes industries, Interior Technologies, Luuka Plastics and Toyota motors.
This brings the number of active operators in the park to 35. The operators are expected to add value to locally available raw materials boosting the agricultural and mineral sectors.

‘’Industry is one of the sectors that will spur the development of Uganda and economically liberate our people. For instance, this park so far offers direct employment to 3000 people. ‘’ President Museveni said.
He added: Therefore, to support local industries, I have already directed that Government departments must buy what is produced here. Officials who do not implement this will be dealt with for being an obstacle to our progress.
Gen. Museveni revealed that, imported goods that are similar to those manufactured locally, will be taxed at a given rate we shall determine soon.
Regarding infrastructure in the park, Mr. Museveni said government is already working on; roads, electricity, water and we are going to work on land filling as well- all at government cost.
‘ ‘I am happy to commission these six industries. Those who have eyes can see that Uganda is the right path to development.’’ he said.

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A week ago, president Museveni , commissioned the first phase of the Sukulu Industrial town which has an annual turnover (the value of the products from there per annum) of US $500 million . This will stop the imports of fertilizers of US$ 50million, steel products of US$ 403million etc and create 3,500 jobs after the final phase.
At Kapeeka recently, he also commissioned the factories of ceramics, fruit processing etc
Mr. Museveni recently said that traitors of Africa and the criminals have become very worried about the fast pace of development of Uganda.
‘ ‘Having had to struggle against the primitive fascists, the likes of Kony and ADF, not to forget the cattle rustlers from whom we captured 40,000 rifles, we also had to rely on our own resources to build the base of the economy ( the infrastructure- roads, electricity etc). ‘’

‘’We funded 15% of Karuma and Isimba while they brought the 85%. Earlier on, the World Bank and some western companies had helped to fund Bujagaali but using expensive money. As a consequence of these measures, Uganda has now got a bit of electricity and we are not going to relax. We shall build all the other dams: Ayago, Oryang, Kiba , Uhuru etc in addition to developing other power sources – geo- thermal, solar etc.’’
He also revealed that he started the Uganda Manufacturers Association (UMA) with Mzee Mulwana, Uganda only had 80 members. ‘ ‘The factories, today registered by the Uganda Registration Services Bureau are 4,737. ‘’

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