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That thing they call love, what is it? What is its colour? What shape is it? How does it look like? How does it work? Which part of the body does it work on?

My doctor friend, a heart surgeon, says he has never seen it in any of the human hearts he has opened. Where does it stay? Yet no man can claim to be completely loveless!

‘Even a god finds it hard to love and be wise at the same time’, said the Romans of old. ‘For lovers are lunatics, who walk without their wits about them.’ For love, fiancées are escorted in the distance of tens of miles on foot yet a kilometre becomes but a metre.

Great men, mighty warriors and wise kings have fallen with the heavy weight and the intoxicating power of love. In love’s most extreme moments, men have surrendered their souls and others have bequeathed to strangers their children’s inheritance.

For love, men steal; for love we jump out of the sweet morning sleep and head to work. For love, my wife accentuates her beautiful body with aesthetic additives and my sister spends an hour bathing! For love, people kill and for love people give up their lives! For love, a king abdicated; for love, wars we have fought. For love, we have shared the blanket with our enemy.

There are times when a stretched out heart pours out more love energy than the fuel all the oil pipes can release in a thousand years! There are times when the quarrels of lovers are the renewal of love, and the absence of strife among lovers means the absence of love’s kids like fellowship and the triumph of sanctimony. Love! Its power transcends the explosive force of all the nukes of the G8 plus China put together!

With hesitation we enter love, and for love we get bound, even in bondage; we choose to love yet when there, we can’t freely cease to love when we want to. In darkness, we initiate love, but conceal it we can’t.  

Who chose not to love fellow man ended up loving their books, cat or dog; love is inescapable. Love is irreducible, untamable and incomprehensible; a force unfathomable, a weapon most effective and an object most well crafted yet shapeless!

Toward love, this world walks. By love, we all move; without it, the world moves but backwards. Strange it is how little the world is ruled by wisdom but by the extremes of love and hate. Divorce it and your die disillusioned or heartbroken.

Suffice to say that love is blind, foolish or unreasonable. Yet only the fools have foregone the soothing and invigorating power of love.

By Joseph Ssebunya

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