The looming Cabinet Reshuffle: surprises in the next cabinet, Ministers who may face the axe

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President Museveni recently made a reshuffle in Residence District Commissioners (RDC’s), dropping and maintaining some. He also appointed new ones.
Analysts predict that the president is also about to make a major shakeup in his cabinet.
It is said, for some reasons, some ministers may not survive the axe. Who will survive, and who will might be dropped? Read on.

Hon. Sam Kuteesa: Analysts are of the view that the Foreign Affairs Minister and one of President Museveni’s longest serving ministers may not survive the axe this time round. Kuteesa’s has held this docket since 2005. Political analysts point to Kuteesa’s alleged role in scandal with Chinese billionaire.
Last year, Kutesa was named in US court documents as having allegedly received a $500, 000 (about Ugx. 1.8 billion) bribe to help a Chinese energy company secure business advantages in Uganda, including the potential acquisition of a Ugandan bank.The company was to engage in various business ventures, which would be formed once Mr Kutesa completed his term as President UNGA and returned to Uganda.

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The scandal is said to have tainted the image of country and thus, the minister might be dropped for such. Recently, there were rumours that Kuteesa had been blocked from traveling to US and Europe over the same scandal. Kuteesa denied all the claims.
Hillary Onek and Musa OCweru. If there is one ministry that could see a major shakeup, it is the Ministry for Relief, Disaster Preparedness and Refugees.
February this year, Uganda was in the news for alleged falsification of refugee numbers, misuse of funds meant for the refugees and suspected trafficking of some female refugees.
Until the scandal broke, Uganda was being lauded for its progressive policies and generous hosting of more than 1.5 million refugees from the region. However, the refugee scandal is said to have tainted the country’s image internationally. The appointing authority may thus be forced to make some changes in the ministry.

Hon. Betty Among: the Land’s minister dark side was recently exposed by Justice Catherine Bamugemereire-led Land commission of inquiry.
Hon Amongi though her own company Amobet Investments Ltd, is accused of grabbing a number of plots of lands, one of them belonging to a 53 year old Indian national Ashak Mandakini Patel. Amobet through its Managing Director Henry Mubiru, is said to have applied to the Departed Asians Property Custodians Board (DAPCB) to be allocated Mr Patel’s land located on Plot 29 Acacia Avenue, on Kololo Hill. In the same application dated December 12 December 2017, Mubiru also asked to be allocated Plot 15-17 1St St Industrial Area Kampala, Plot 12A Prince Charlese Drive, and Plot 21 Kyaddondo. The building is currently being rented by Midcom Telecom Company at $9000 a month.
Among, owns 60% shares in Amobet, while the rest belong to her sister Cate Odongo.
Appearing before the Justice Bamugemereire-led commission, Matia Kasaija said “There are some ministries where if I am signing off their money, I sign when my hands are shaking because I don’t know whether the money will reach where it is supposed to be,”

Hon. Matia Kasaija: Hon. Kasaija has had rough time since he was appointed Minister of Finance. Since his appointment the economy has not been at its best. The Agencies under Ministry of Finance including NSSF, Uganda Development Bank, etc have also not performed so well.
A recent economic report by one of intelligence agencies to the president, recommended sacking of people currently running the show including-Governor Bank of Uganda and the deputy, Minister of Finance and Ps Ministry of Finance.

Hon. Kibuule. The State Minister for Water is also likely to be dropped following a series of scandals- Land saga in Mukono, Stanbic Bank incident in which he reportedly assaulted the Guard may also cost him the cabinet slot. Late last year, at the height of age limit bill, the youthful minister was accused of carrying a gun in parliament. The incident is said to have annoyed the president.
Hon. Evelyn Anite. State Minister for Investment and Privatisation may have played a role in the controversial Age limit bill, however, early this year, rumored made rounds that she received $8m from investors interested in UTL, a claim she denied. According to knowledgeable sources, this allegation, if true may cost her the cabinet job. The president is said to be in possession of intelligence report on key people who could have irregularly benefited from UTL potential investors. In interview with the Observer, Anite denied ever taking any bribe from UTL investors.
In fighting corruption, Anite is said to have created enemies who see her as blockade to their eating. If it is true, she took a bribe, then her enemies could do all it takes to bring her down.

David Bahati: At one point, Hon. Bahati was rumored to be the next Finance Minister if Matia Kasaijja is axed. However, inside sources have it that the anti-gay champion may have failed to among others manage the compensation of Ugandan traders who supplied goods to South Sudan government.
William Byaruhanga: Sources close to the Attorney General William Byaruhanga claim that he wants to voluntarily resign to concentrate on private businesses. In 2016, Byaruhanga, was appointed to the board of Nairobi-listed Centum. Before his appointment as AG, Byaruhanga was the Principal Partner of Kasirye, Byaruhanga and Company Advocates, a privately owned Kampala law firm
If true, Mr. Byaruhanga joins the likes of Kintu Musoke, Prof. Nsibambi, Gerald Ssendawula, etc who left government positions for private business.

Hon. Kahinda Otaffire: sources close to the corridors of power believe that the Justice and Constitutional Affairs Minister may also lose his Ministerial position.
Adolf Kasaija Mwesige: the Minister of Defence and Veteran Affairs, Adolf Mwesige 52, is also likely to be dropped on health grounds.
Others who are likely to be dropped are aging Moses Ali and Ali Kivejjinja.

Insiders say some ministers have performed so well and thus likely to retain their posts, they include, Energy Minister Muloni. Analysts point to her role in Oil refinery, oil pipeline and GE projects.
Other performers include: Minister for presidency Mbayo, minister of Health/
Sources also believe Katumba Wamala has excelled as State Minister for Works and might be promoted to full Minster for Works. He has already outshined Minister of Works.

Surprises in the next cabinet
Well-informed sources have it that the next cabinet may have surprises. Besides people from the opposition who are seen are performers and liberal [the likes of Abdul Katuntu, Betty Anywar ] The appointing Authority could also bring on board individuals from the private sector- individuals who are said to be independent minded, with some level of wealth. Thus their focus is on supporting the country move forward as opposed to accumulating personal wealth typical of most politicians.

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The president may also bring on-board younger talents, dropping aging ministers. The idea is to have independent minded ministers who see Mr. Museveni not as their bush war colleague. These are also expected to pump energy in the cabinet. The president may also want to have people who can challenge him objectively as opposed to loyal cadres and Yes men and women.

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