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Young people live on two planets; Earth world and Fantasy world. On earth, they get to experience life the way adults do, with stress, anxiety and pain.

They face serious difficulties but are required to confront them, and not to run away from them! When life on the real world, becomes difficult, expensive and stressful, they retreat to the Fantasy world where everything in the imaginary sense is beatific.

Fantasy world, also known as cloud-cuckoo-land, is a realm of daydreaming, fanciful behaviour, where the biggest occupation of one’s mind is wondering imagination. That is the realm of adolescence.

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In their realm of fantasy, everything can be made possible. On that planet, youth build castles in the air and sleep there in comfort as long as they can.

They enjoy their blissful world where they write scripts of drama and choose themselves as the actors and be their own audiences. Whenever on Earth World, they feel internal tension and other difficulties characteristic of the real world; they take flight back to their fantasy world, their world of freedom. On their lovely planet, they are both busied and distracted from reality by their flirting imagination.

The flight to their virtual paradise if partly enable them escape the many questions they have to answer on earth. Little do they know, that departure into this world comes with many more urgent problems. Dogged by erotic dreams or the unpleasant lunar visits, they are left anxious and emotionally worn down, with innumerable questions, which fantasy only hides momentarily and which they discover they must confront and answer somehow someday. In trying to understand the questions, they explore their bodies and minds. They try out different things to check which ones are compatible with the world they created for themselves.

In this World, life is so good but never permanent. They would love to stay there forever but life on this planet is short paradisiacal spans of existence.

On their lovely planet, they discover that the reality of the Earth World does not stop hunting them. There is no food and so they have to occasionally come out and look for food from their parents who live on Earth.

When they return to earth, they tend to come with the culture of the other planet that fails to fit in with the reality of Earth World. Accordingly, conflicts erupt as the parents, ignorant of the life on the other planet, impose rules that are opposed to the cultural realities of the Fantasy World.

On the other planet, one doesn’t have to work to be happy, one needs not face his problems to solve them but just runs away from them or adjusts his mind in view of them, and they become weaker. When the youth comes to Earth with its problems, the parents force him to stay and face his problems, which he feels is unfair. And thus erupt great battles inside the home.

When the life in this lovely and sweet world becomes uncertain or more earth-like, its citizens try to enhance it by managing their perception. They have to work on their mind, eat food that reduces stress on them or they think in ways that make them forget their problems. Some may stop thinking about the present problems by focussing their minds on the pleasurable moments coveted in the future. With that, the pressure of the present moment becomes less real and less stressful.

But many are advised to consider nutrition, eat greens. Read weeds- to boost their mental health. When they try one type of food and it doesn’t work, their peers will advise on better nutrition to help them keep high While the uppers and downers make them feel good on their beloved planet, when they take a retreat back into the real world, they cannot fit in. They are excommunicated into some state of asylum to punish their values and actions.

After years of wondering and exploration on the fantasy World, all they discover is that they were never meant to live there after all but on the Earth World. They have to accept the reality , trek back to their real world; some disappointed by the realisation, others determined to survive the stresses of the real world, others still stuck in the fanciful fantasy of the second world and occasionally try to re-live the fantasy in the real world, while others trek back as confused as they left for the second world.

The last group decide to live in fantasy in the real world trying to use the methods of life in the second world to fit in with the real world. They therefore leave the virtual world but fail to return fully to the real world; they become adolescents, they are neither adolescents nor adults.

By Joseph Ssebunya

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