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Tanzania given a one month ultimatum to all  foreign employees, employers and employment agents to verify work and residence documents.

According to The East African, the country’s Labour Commissioner said the government had established that some employers and employment agents have been giving jobs to foreigners without adhering to the stipulated procedures.

 “We therefore call upon all non-citizens to submit their work permits to the nearest Labour offices for verification within 30 days from the first date of this notice,” Labour Commissioner said. “Therefore, I am inviting employers and non-citizen employees working in the country to take part in this important exercise in order to avoid unnecessary inconveniences in future,” reads the public notice.

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The government said it will conduct a countrywide labour inspection specifically aimed at ensuring that all non-citizen employees possess valid work permits.

This is not first time, Tanzania is sending away foreigners. It is said, more than 900,000 young Tanzanians enter job market, the market is creating 50,000 to 60,000 jobs.

In 2015, The Non-Citizens Employment Regulation Bill was enacted, the bill states  that firms employing foreigners would have to draw up a “succession plan” to pave the way for locals to eventually take the jobs.

It is said, foreigners especially from Uganda and Kenya had taken up most jobs in  some sectors particularly private schools, hospitality and manufacturing sector.

Inside information reveals Tanzania now allows only foreigners with exceptional and specialized skills that Tanzanians lack.

Why is Uganda still open?

In Uganda, the charlatans are at work. Lots of corruption mean that some ‘investors’ bribe their way and freely get work permits. Many Ugandans have been denied the very jobs they would be doing especially the menial ones

Two years ago, South Sudan asked Ugandan youth who were operating motorcycle transport, boda boda’s to leave the country as the same jobs could be dobe by the nationals. The latest move by Tanzania leaves Ugandans with little options.

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Uganda named among 17 countries globally where foreigners live happiest lives

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