Tanzania ‘‘elections’’: ruling party wins 99% of parliamentary seats so far

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Incomplete results from Tanzania’s parliamentary election show Tanzania’s ruling party [CCM led by President John Magufuli] has won 225 out of 230 parliamentary seats declared so far, according to local media reports
There are 264 constituencies in total.
Tanzanians also voted for their president in the general election on Wednesday.
The US Embassy in Tanzania suggested earlier that an overwhelming margin of victory raises serious doubts about the credibility of the poll.

Tanzania’s electoral commission has strongly denied the suggestion the poll was compromised.
The political opposition is rejecting early results of Tanzania’s presidential and parliamentary election, saying the vote was illegitimate due to widespread fraud. Presidential challenger Tundu Lissu called on the international community not to accept figures emerging from Wednesday’s voting.

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One day after Tanzanians cast votes in Wednesday’s election, opposition figures in the East African country said they reject the whole election process.

Lissu told reporters Thursday in Dar es Salaam that results were full of irregularities and called on international bodies to take action.
‘’So I said the Tanzania election could be worse than Zimbabwe’s …it is now looking more like Rwanda. Of 230 constituencies announced, 225 have been “won” by the ruling party. No pretence of democracy. No attempt to make it credible’’ tweeted Prof Nic Cheeseman, Prof of Democracy, Uni Birmingham, author How to Rig an Election, co-producer Resistance Bureau, founder http://democracyinafrica.org

Tanzania’s National Election Commission (NEC) chairman Semistocles Kaijage dismissed the reports of pre-ticked ballots as false and advised citizens to ignore them. He said there have been some reports circulating on social media regarding the presence of pre-ticked ballot papers in Kawe, Pangani and Kigoma constituencies.
Kaijage noted that those reports of the allegations have not yet been submitted to the National Electoral Commission

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