Tamale Mirundi: Police officers own apartments in Manchester, United Kingdom

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Presidential advisor on the media, Mr. Tamale Mirundi claims that some Uganda Police officers have amassed wealth with many owning apartments on Manchester Street in United Kingdom, despite earning peanuts.

According to available data, on average, a non-professional Police officer earn Ugx. 520, 000 per month, while a newly commissioned recruit who holds a professional degree earns over Ugx, 700, 000
‘‘A well informed friend of mine told me that some Ugandan Police officers have almost brought off Manchester Street in United Kingdom. They trade in crime’’ Mirundi who claims to have well researched data revealed on Wednesday while on Beat 96.3 FM morning show hosted by Katongole Omutongole.

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Mirundi revealed that the biggest challenge with Uganda Police is that quite good number of officers have Master’s degree
‘ ‘ A master’s degree demands are higher, one has to live large like his/her colleagues , yet they cannot achieve that with the meagre salary they earn. That’s how trading in crime comes into play’’ Mirundi said.

This is not the first time Uganda Police has been linked with crime and criminals. Nine officers attached to its illegal drugs department, including the commissioner in charge of narcotics, Tinka Zerugaba, under currently under custody over a multi-billion narcotics racket involving top officers. The officials are being held on allegations of tampering with narcotics exhibits and theft of 85kg of narcotics drugs, with an estimated street value of Shs 13 billion, from police stores between 2011 and 2015.

April last year, Juma Muyirwa 22, a suspected criminal told a press conference convened by former police boss Gen Kale Kayihura that gangs terrorizing different parts of Central Uganda were being led by police officers.
Muyirwa was among the 30 suspects paraded by Gen Kayihura at Katwe Police Station, revealed that the gangs’ planning meetings are usually addressed by men wearing police uniform and guarded by patrol cars.

Speaking at the funeral of slain Assistant Inspector General of Police Andrew Felix Kaweesi in March last year, President Museveni revealed that criminals had infiltrated the Uganda Police Force which compromised investigations into high profile killings.

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“All these murders, I have followed myself. There are always clues leading to the criminals but the criminals have infiltrated the police. You get a situation where they are intimidating the witnesses, killing the witnesses,” said Mr Museveni before adding, “That is why the public fears to give information (about criminals) to the police.”

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