Tamale Mirundi: Jennifer Musisi sacking was close, as one of her positives, she aided thieves

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Presidential advisor on the media, Tamale Mirundi alludes Jennifer Musisi aided thieves in Kampala as one of her positives during her seven year tenure as Executive Director, Kampala City Council Authority.
However, Mirundi applauded Musisi for being forward looking, not to wait to be sacked hence she is exciting with full dignity.

“Jennifer Musisi is clever, the moment you fail to bolt at an appropriate time; you fail to go with a political cloud. You detect the situation and leave before you’re fired. And for that, she has resigned without her dignity being tampered with,” Mirundi says.
Mirundi also predicted more resignations arguing that it is the president’s way of retaining power.
“I can tell that we are going to see more resignations and a fundamental reshuffle because the president must retain power. The problem isn’t the members of the first family, it’s the intruders, the president has never been a problem of this country’’

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Kampala Mayor Erias Lukwago celebrate Jennifer Musisi’s exit

Musisi speaks out

In her resignation letter, Jennifer Musisi highlights several achievements in her tenure. She says, these attracted local, regional and international eye.

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‘‘Awards and Recognitions: KCCA has received over 60 awards and recognitions and over 30 sports trophies in recognition of its achievements through National, Regional and International Assessments.I have also received 38 awards at local, regional continental and global levels in recognition of the work I have done as a transformational leader.’’

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