Surprise losers in Museveni’s Cabinet reshuffle

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Recently President Museveni reorganized his cabinet. Informed sources say, he had about ten lists and over 200 names to choose from. This partly explains why many, where shocked to find their names missing on the final list-some initially thought the list was fake, not until it was published by State House.

We bring you some of those who surprisingly missed out

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Sources close to the corridors of power say, among those who missed out on the cabinet posts are old timers: former ministers, NRM cadres including Captain Mike Mukula, Henry Tumukunde and Jimmy Muhwezi

‘‘As a strategy, some old-timers had become vocal in a negative way to catch the president’s eye’’ the source said.
The source claims Tumukunde’s much publicized run for Kampala Mayor was one such strategy.
Mike Mukula is a former state Minister for Health, Jimmy Muhwezi is also a former Minister of Information and National Guidance. While Tumukunde, is served as a minister for Security. Evening of Sunday, 4 March 2018, Tumukunde together with General Kayihura, the former Inspector General of Police, was fired. He had kept a low profile since his sacking, only to turn up recently and announce that he was seeking the mayoral seat in Kampala.

Anita Among and Abdul Katuntu

Anita Annet Among is said to be a regular visitor at State House and on several occasions has been pictured seated close to the president.
It was highly anticipated that her name would not miss on the much awaited cabinet list.
Now that her name wasn’t there, she must have heard a bad Christmas.
Early this year, the head of state described the Bukedea District Woman MP ‘’as a good legislator.’’
The independent opposition FDC-leaning law maker was later quoted describing the President as her ‘‘special friend’’

What happened?
A reliable source told Newz Post that the appointing authority could have noticed that her ‘‘special friend’’ was not straight forward. ‘‘Unlike Kitgum Municipality MP, Ms Beatrice Atim Anywar, Anita Among has never publicly declared crossing to NRM ‘’ the source said.
‘ ‘ Her loyalty could have been doubted. She needs to proof her service’’ the source added
Anita Among is said to have played a key role in the return of once deported MTN Uganda CEO.

Abdul Katuntu
Like Among, the liberal FDC member and Bugweri County MP is said to be ‘friendly’ to the ruling party and the president. However, he has never publicly declared crossing to the NRM. The MP who recently declared that he will not seek re-lection in 2021 may have to wait a little longer.

Moses Grace Balyeku: Balyeku
Balyeku teamed up with Jackson Kafuuzi, to second the the controversial Age Limit bill/ motion. “Age should not be a factor that hinders the rights and freedom of any Ugandan to vie for the post of a president,” he said then in defending age limit bill
Balyeku has never concealed his desire and ambition to serve on the Cabinet. On May 4, 2013, during the launch of the tourism promotion campaigns “Paint the City Bright” and “Relay from Jinja to Northern Sweden” by President Museveni, the LCI Chairman of Kiira Road, Mr Deo Akiiki, demanded that Mr Balyeku be appointed to Cabinet, a move which was believed to have been engineered by the latter.

However, Balyeku’s name has been in the news for the bad reasons. Could this have caused the appointing authority to leave out his name for now? Maybe, Maybe not.

Margaret Muhanga
The Burahya county MP, who sold goats to raise Ugx 10bn to buy the 23 acre UBC land in Bugolobi was among strong supporters of Age Limit Bill.

Aware that the president rewards loyalty, Margaret Muhanga started positioning herself for the cabinet post. Unfortunately the UBC land saga, political analysts claim could have costed Andrew Mwenda’s sister, the cabinet post.

Ruhunda alex: Once a vocal critic of the Age limit bill, the Fort Portal Municipality MP, startled many when he abruptly made a U-turn to support the bill
“I have been reflecting on the future of my beloved Country Uganda. I hope God will touch the heart of President Museveni to avoid the temptation of listening to short term opportunistic individuals that are pushing for the removal of Age limit in our Constitution. This is the chance for NRM to plan for succession if the legacy of our beloved President Museveni is to remain like that of Mwalimu Nyerere.” the MP said.

Unconfirmed sources have it that that the U-turn could have come with a promise of reward, possibly cabinet post. Now that his name missed on the list, he may have to wait for another reshuffle, assuming he may not have ‘returned’ home.

The list of surprise losers, insiders say, include host of MPs who asked the president for security claiming their lives were in danger following their support for age limit bill. Thus they were given lead cars.

‘‘Many thought, they had landed. For now they have to start wearing the suits they had reserved for cabinet swearing ceremony’’ an informed sources put it.

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