Straka Mwezi join’s Kato Lubwama’s Biliv TV

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By our reporter


News reaching us reveals Uganda’s most scandalous Television personality and music promoter Straka Mwezi who nearly joined the Guinness Book of records for staging the first ever paid for wedding finally has a smile on her face.

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Straka Mwezi who has been jobless for several months after resigning her job at the struggling WBS TV is set to join Hon. Kato Lubwama’s Biliv TV. At Nkurumah road, Straka  will serve as a presenter and Assistant Manager to his current Boyfriend Isaac Ssemanyi.


Straka and Isaac Ssemanyi are reportedly in a relationship. Last year, Mr. Ssemanyi was accused of marrying AK47’s widow. Ssemanyi was also linked to the widow of Martin Angume. He must have discovered a secret in widows, , Right?

Who is Straka?

Born Pamela Atim, the 31-year old was born in Naguru-Kampala. She later assumed the name Straka Mwezi after realizing that Atim was not selling. Her educational background is scantily documented. May be she went to the same schools with Seya Nasser Ntege Ssebagala.


Straka Mwezi has dated a dozen men, including; Kid Fox, Charles Oimuke with whom they have a child, music flop SizzaMan who switched off his phone during the much-anticipated wedding with Straka at Nambole.

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