Stella Nyanzi arrested, detained at Jinja road police station

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Police on Tuesday arrested Dr. Stella Nyanzi and her driver on allegations of inciting violence and failure to comply with traffic regulations

Kampala metropolitan police spokesperson Luke Owoyesigire, says Nyanzi’s driver declined to reveal his identities to the police, was arrested for a traffic charge. He alleges that the driver failed to comply with traffic regulations and inconsiderate use of motor vehicle and obstruction of the road.

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However, in a Facebook post, Nyanzi accuses The Deputy Inspector General of Police Brig. Sabiiti for wasting her valuable when she invited her and then police stopped her at the Naguru police headquarters’ main gate.
‘ ‘The Deputy Inspector General of Police Muzeeyi invited me and a few representatives of the Women’s Protest Working Group WPG to a meeting today at 11:00AM at the police headquarters in Naguru. I got to the first gate of the police and I was denied entry. I told the baby police boys that their mukulu invited me to his office for national security discussions. They refused to allow me in. Instead of hospitality, they gave me hostility.’’ Nyanzi Facebook post reads in part.

‘ ‘ They rounded up anti-riot police goons dressed to the teeth. They brought men with dogs, walkie-talkies, pistols and batons. They took photos of me and my car. They even brought big fat men with ugly scary faces and overstretched tummies to bully me. I refuse this intimidation by the police. Why must DIGP waste my valuable time? Why treat me as a hostile party yet this Muzeeyi invited me to discuss shit? I have reparked my car across the entrance to the police. If I do not go in, I need DIGP to come and chase me away in person. I am in my car playing loud music. Ani gwe bamanyiila? Nze ndi mukoowu.’’

Owoyesigire says that Nyanzi incited violence as she caused chaos around Naguru. The three are currently being held at Jinja road police station.

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