Spice Diana nursing wounds, 200 arrested at Kampala City Carnival

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Close to 200 suspects were arrested on Sunday during the Kampala City Festival, says Kampala Metropolitan police spokesperson Emilian Kayima
“Many young people engaged in criminal activities and were arrested. They are now held in various police stations around the city for different types of crimes ranging from pickpocketing, thefts and assault among others ‘’ Said Mr. Kayima.

Kayima revealed that 60 cases of missing children were reported. However, only six missing children were found by the police and they are currently at Central Police Station.
Meanwhile Singer Spice Diana aka Namukwaya is nursing injuries after police arrested her, roughed her mistaking her for an idler at the Carnival
Sources say, after her performers at the carnival, she walked away, only to be intercepted by police officers who asked identification. The singer reportedly hesitated thinking that she is a celebrity known to everybody. Too late, officers started bundling her up for arrest in the event, injuring her.

‘ ‘Today [Sunday] after my first performance at the carnival I was beaten So badly and disrespected by ruthless so called police officers and I am nursing wounds , Dear Music promoters as you invite us to entertain and happen with our people , also show some respect and value our dear lives therefore heir trained and professional police officers for security and not gamblers that have a lot of problems in their families and they try to console themselves by beating up innocent people like animals .And many of my fellow artists and innocent civilians have fallen victims which is unfair in our own country.’’ Spice Diana posted on social media

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