South Sudan chiefs Council wants Museveni to rule for life

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On a poster doing rounds on social media, the South Sudan Chiefs Council made a very strange prayer on their wish for president Museveni to rule forever.
The poster reads. ” Chiefs Council of South Sudan congratulates and thanks the IGAD heads of states and governments for supporting the people of South Sudan.’’

‘ ‘Thank you President Yoweri Museveni and people of Uganda We are praying to God for you [President Museveni] to rule forever” reads the poster
President Museveni on Wednesday joined other regional leaders for Peace Day Celebration.
The President was dressed in a ceremonial white linen loose clothe, green waist ribbon and blue neck lance by traditional women as a gift to his efforts to ensure Peace in South Sudan

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In his speech at the Peace Day celebrations in Juba, President Museveni thanked South Sudan President Salva Kiir and his colleague Riek Machar for leading the people of South Sudan into a new journey of peace by signing the revitalised pace agreement.

‘‘Thank you very much for attending to logic in the end and signing. The grinding stone that the people of South Sudan have been carrying has now been put down. I am sure this is the end of the conflict in South Sudan.’’ He president said.
Mr. Museveni revealed that Uganda will continue to support South Sudan as we look forward to the concretization of the truly powerful ceremony we have witnessed in Juba.

‘ ‘Am happy you [ people of South Sudan] shunned foreigners who want to establish hegemony over Africa by using weak enemies to divide us. Foreigners wanted South Sudan to become a vacuum like Libya and Somalia. Somalia is now coming up.’’ Mr. Museveni said.

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