Some pastors have mental problems, they should be at psychiatric hospitals seeking attention-former president Jerry Rawlings

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Former Ghana President Jerry John Rawlings has bemoaned the falling standards among the priests and religious in the country.
The former Head of State said there were many persons, with large following, parading themselves as pastors and ‘Men of God’ yet are not different from mentally deranged persons because of their actions.

He urged Christians to be firm and call out such pastors when they come across them.
Mr. Rawlings said this in an address to members of St. Paul’s Catholic Church, Kpehe at the climax of the Church’s 75th anniversary over the weekend.

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”Ladies and gentlemen, it is important that we wake up to the essence of our being. Why Christ died. There was a time I used to say that if the very best amongst us, being Christ and the worst being the criminals who had to die together, then it must take some very ignorant people not to know the difference. You see a good person and see another who does what is not good and you punish both,” the former President preached.

”It only shows you don’t know enough. You cannot tell the difference between a robber and a holy man? It’s like these days we have people with mental problems who should be at the psychiatric hospital seeking attention carry Bible and go preaching and you will have people following them. Again, they kick pregnant women with their legs. What is happening?” he quizzed.

Mr. Rawlings further urged Christians to back their prayers with actions to achieve desired responses.
“We often fail to engage the prayer of action, but without it, we cannot give life to the prayer of words or thoughts,” he said.

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He added that Christians ought to make sacrifices to preserve human dignity, justice, and freedom.
“You should be prepared to die for freedom, justice, your belief and you should be fearless like Christ to stand up for the truth. We need the courage of conviction to live by the truth.” he added.
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