Singer Walukaga loses Ugx. 50m to Face book thieves

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During his recent tour to Dubai and the United Kingdom, Kadongokamu Maestro, Sir Mathias Walukaga saw some car which caught his eyes. He vowed to buy it when he finally gets the money.

After minting millions from his Referee Album launch, Walukaga logged on to his Face book. He quickly contacted one of his ‘Best friends’ on Face book based in Dubai about some car he show recently.

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The good ‘friend’ asked him to send him the photo of the car.

The ‘friend’ reportedly told Walukaga that he will buy and ship the car up to Mombasa. A quick calculation, Walukaga a man of little education noticed, he would be saving some good money if he bought this car through his Face book friend. He went ahead and wired the money.

To Walukaga’s, surprise, the friend who used to update him regularly, had stopped. A week later, when he tried contacting him, the ‘friend’ had closed his account and blocked his emails.

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Sir Mathias Walukaga, are you preparing a new song over this development?

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