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Wherever you find the out-going Lord Councillor and Kampala woman Member of Parliament candidate Shifrah Lukwago Please do not stone her, she is looking for a safe place to hide over a cocktail campaign debts. As we write this, she is “Absent Without Leave”.

The chit-chat has hit that Shifrah Lukwago received obscene amounts of money from city money lenders to boost her campaigns.

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After a surprise defeat for Kampala district woman parliamentary seat, Shifrah Lukwago is wiping tears. A source close to her told Newz Post that her Toyota V8 has already been confiscated.

The source added that the moneylenders are auctioning her houses. One of the houses located at Kawempe Mbogo has a market value of one billion shillings. Unfortunately, it is being sold at only four hundred million (400,000,000/=).

Now if this not a clear definition of politics, then what is it?

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