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Motorcycle taxis popularly known as Boda Boda in Uganda are immensely popular and serve as the lifeblood to many, but they are extremely unsafe and disorganized.

Traditionally, the usual way of catching a boda boda is to simply stop a stranger on motorcycle. Things have changed thanks to technology. By just a click at your smartphone, a safe boda motorcycle is at your home or office.

Two years ago, SafeBoda’s team came together to bring innovation to the rapidly growing motorcycle taxi industry in Uganda and Africa.

SafeBoda is a community of professional, trained motorcycle taxis drivers -boda-boda, offering a safer experience to passengers.

Unlike ordinary boda boda, Safe boda drivers have beautifully branded, orange equipment allowing anyone to easily hail a SafeBoda in the street or conveniently book one via our mobile app.

In Uganda, the market is beginning to appreciate the service.

Recently the team announced the service area. Today, the service area has grown to reach Makerere,Muyenga,Kabalagala,Kansanga & Nsambya. Management announced plans are underway to roll out to the whole of Kampala

With more drivers, Safe boda management hope to change the entire boda industry.

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