Rwanda partially opens border with Uganda

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Rwanda government in a letter dated June 7th 2019 agreed to open Katuna border for heavy cargo trucks from Uganda.
However, the border re-opening is only temporal enable heavy trucks for trials on the road.

“The management of Rwanda Revenue Authority is pleased to inform the general public that heavy trucks are allowed to provisionally cross Gatuna OSBP between 10th and 22nd June in order to facilitate these trial activities as requested by RTDA,” notes the communication dated June 7 and signed by Pascal Bizimana Ruganintwali, the commissioner General of Rwanda Revenue Authority.

February 28, 2019, Rwanda closed all its common border posts with Uganda including; Katuna, Kagitumba, Mirama Hills and Cyanika towards the end of February accusing Uganda of harbouring Rwandan dissidents.
A recent Stanbic Purchasing Managers Index (PMI) reveals Uganda-Rwanda standoff has had a small business dent
According to the survey, standoff between Uganda and Rwanda has not had a huge dent on the business activity in Uganda, the report reveals that the private sector in Uganda turned to other markets to make money,

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Several Ugandan companies such as Hima Cement, Mukwano and Roofing Rolling Mills that have for long been exporting a substantial amount of goods to Kigali are now re-focusing their energy into the internal market as well as Congolese, South Sudanese, Kenyan and Tanzanian markets.

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