Rwanda: all boda-bodas to use meters; passengers to pay Ugx. 523 per kilometer

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Rwanda Utilities Regulatory Authority (RURA) together with Rwanda police and City of Kigali has launched the usage of meters for motorcycle taxis.
At press briefing, RURA announced that by 15th August 2020, all “boda-bodas” in the country will be required to use metered pricing

From the start of the trip up to two kilometers, customers will pay RWF 300 about (Ugx. 1,180)
Thereafter, each additional kilometer will be charged priced at RWF 133 about (Ugx. 523)
Free waiting time is ten minutes. Each extra minute is charged RWF 21 (ugx. 82)
The development has been descried as one of the smart transport solutions aimed at promoting cashless economy.

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‘‘The use of intelligent meters in motorcycle taxis will definitely take the profession to another level as we aim at having a smart City’’ said Pudence Rubingisa, mayor Kigali city

There are over 25,000 licensed commercial motorcyclists across the country and an estimated 20,000, who are unlicensed.

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