Robert Mugabe’s wife donates used Knickers, Underwears to Party supporters

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Zimbabawe: First Lady Grace Mugabe reportedly donated used underwear and night dresses at a Zanu PF meeting in Mutare over the weekend.
The donation according to a Zimbabwe privately owned newspaper NewsDay, was handed over to ruling party activists by Chikanga/Dangamvura legislator Esau Mupfumi (Zanu PF) who claimed to have been sent by the First Lady.

“Recently, I visited the State House and I met the First Lady Grace Mugabe and I was given these clothes so that I can give you,’’ he said.
‘’I have briefs for you and I am told that most of your briefs are not in good shape, please come and collect your allocations today. We have night dresses, sandals and clothes, come and take, this is from your First Lady Grace Mugabe,’’ he said.

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A man who attended the rally in Gimboki expressed anger at Zanu PF officials for treating them as charity cases, instead of creating employment opportunities so they could fend for themselves.
‘’There are issues which need to be addressed rather than giving us briefs, we do not have jobs and why is she doing this,’’ he said. By Kenneth Nyangani

The paper reported that various women complained about getting night dresses when they were not getting enough food on the table.
The reporter of the story, Kenneth Nyangani has since been detained and likely to face criminal defamation charges.
Worsening economic conditions in Zimbabwe are forcing many people to buy second-hand clothing. Such items include used underwear from Western countries which is chiefly imported from Mozambique.

Tensions are rising in Zimbabwe as the economy deteriorates and a vicious struggle to succeed the 93-year-old president Robert Mugabe, in power for more than 35 years, intensifies.
The main contenders to take power when Mugabe dies or steps down are his wife and Emerson Mnangagwa, a vice-president who has significant support within the country’s powerful security establishment.

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