Road safety: Mac East Africa trains bus drivers and technicians

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Over 650 Ugandan bus drivers and 100 Administrator’s plus Technicians have undergone a 5-day training to observe road safety regulations ahead of the festive season.

The training which was organized by Mac East Africa in partnership with the Ministry of Works and Transport focused on the different elements of smart driving and defensive driving, emphasizing safety and good conduct on the road.

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The number of people dying in road accidents keeps rising on a year on year basis. According to the annual police crime report, 3,194 people died during 2018 rising from 3,051 the previous year.

Speaking during the closing ceremony event, Mac East Africa Managing Director Mohamed Khadr said, “The festive season comes with a lot of excitement and a lot of lives are lost as people travel up country to celebrate with their families. We therefore believe more training is needed on proper road usage mainly through policy and understanding the Uganda high way code.’’

He added: We are going to continuously engage drivers until everyone understands that road safety is a personal responsibility and not the bus owners. The training is phased, this time around it’s the bus drivers, next will be the truck drivers, all trainings are on schedule

Police reports indicate that most road accidents are because of human error with careless and dangerous driving being the top causes.

Winstone Katushabe the Commissioner for Transport, Regulation and Safety at the Ministry of Works and Transport said, “As government we are committed to improving road safety management by strengthening the already existing Department of Transport, Regulation and Safety. The Traffic and Road Safety Amendment Bill is currently before parliament for consideration in a bid to enhance road safety management. These are some of the interventions we have been working on.”

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