Riots: Museveni defends UPDF, police; says govt. will compensate those that lost lives & property

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President Yoweri Museveni in his address on Sunday from Mbale State Lodge asked Ugandans not to rush to blame UPDF, police over the recent riots that left over 54 dead[ reportedly killed by security forces] and hundreds with injuries following the arrest of presidential Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu aka Bobi Wine

The protest broke out on November 18-19th, spreading to several towns across the country

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The head of state said 54 people had died, 32 of whom, he said were rioters, according to the report he received from the Director of Criminal Investigations Directorate, Grace Akullo.
He said, as many as 54 people died in the chaos, with 32 being rioters – killed during confrontation with Police, said Museveni. “Some were hit by stray bullets while two victims were knocked by a vehicle after the driver was hit by a stone and lost control of the vehicle.”
President Museveni said it is wrong for people to condemn only the security forces. All lawbreakers should be condemned. This is our country. We are not guests here.
‘ ‘So those who rush to condemn the and Army. Yes, they do mistakes and if they make mistakes I will be the first to condemn them “but what I find disgusting is the dishonesty, especially those who misdirect the young people” he said

He added: said some political actors, “acting with impunity” have been vowing to “render Ugandans ungovernable” and pointed out how some people, backed by foreign actors, attacked ordinary Ugandans, created illegal blockades in roads and vandalised many installations.

Mr. Museveni said he will not allow criminals who are supported by foreign interests to ‘disturb Uganda’ as he watches. Adding that The idea that some politicians are untouchable and supporters would riot if they are arrested is not acceptable and must never be repeated.

‘‘Anybody with ears should hear this; nobody shall ever attack anyone wearing the NRM uniform.’’

He went on: ‘ ‘ It’s the duty of everyone to keep order. If Kyagulanyi was arrested, his supporters would wait for him to go to court, which he eventually did.’’
He said government will compensate all those that lost lives and property
“I send condolences to Ugandans that lost their relatives in these senseless riots. The government will compensate those who lost their lives and properties, but we shall not compensate those who died and were rioters; no way’’ he said

Mr Museveni , also called for an investigation in the people who were killed by stray bullets.
“This issue of stray bullets should be audited. What was the original purpose of those bullets before they strayed?

Kabaka Ronald Mutebi speaks out

Earlier on, Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi called for a special but speedy investigation into the protests
Kabaka Mutebi has equated the happenings to the January 1945 protest that broke out in all the main towns of Uganda leaving eight dead and 14 wounded. The said 1945 protests are said to be one of the major riots in Uganda’s colonial history after the establishment of British power.

However, Kabaka says that even then the colonial government didn’t just fold hands but rather conducted a special investigation into the matter. He adds that many lives of innocent people who were not part of the protest were lost and can’t just be let go in vain.
Kabaka Mutebi made the remarks while officiating at a special virtual run organized to mark his 65th birthday with the main event hosted in Luburi Mengo on Saturday morning.

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