Rema Namakula fails to pay, dragged to court

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We recently reported that NRM had ordered Rema Namakula to refund Tubonga Naawe cash after she publicly apologized for being part of the team that supported President Museveni during the just concluded Presidential elections.

It is said, the 25 year old, was given 21 days to refund the cash she received which is estimated between Ugx. 60 and 70m. Rema Namakula’s boyfriend-Eddy Kenzo intervened and promised to clear on her behalf. However, the 21 days expired before the BET award winner could put the money together.

Information reaching us reveals, after failing to refund the Tubonga Naawe cash, Rema Namakula has been dragged to Commercial Court for the bleach of contract.

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Available information reveals the Tubonga Naawe musician signed a contract before they started singing for president Museveni in the 2016 presidential elections meaning the artists are meant to be musicians for the ruling party.

It is little wonder, those with intellect kept quiet or they publicly support the deal and president Museveni. Taken together, they have no regrets for supporting President Museveni. President Museveni won by majority vote- 60.8 percent against Kizza Besigye’s 30.5 percent.

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