Refurbished Ggaba water works to add 50m litres of water per day

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President Museveni commissioned the recently refurbished Ggaba Water treatment plant that will add 50 million litres of water per day to Kampala Water supply Area.

Whereas demand for water in Kampala is 240 million litres per day, National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NWSC) has been supplying 190 million litres. The commissioning of the refurbished plant will help bridge the supply gap.

To meet the population explosion in Kampala Metropolitan Area, NWSC has also completed plans to construct a second water treatment plant in Katosi to the east of Kampala. The plant will add 160 million litres of water per day to Kampala, Mukono and Wakiso.

The New plant will meet the demand for water in Kampala up to 2040. -12km bulk water supply pipeline Ggaba-Namasuba. The beneficiaries of the project include: Namasuba,Kikajo,Seguku,Nfufu,Zana,Ndejje,Lubugumu,Kyengera,Nateete, Lubowa,Najjanankumbi,Mutundwe,Masaka Road and the surrounding areas.

Eight million litre water Reservoir on Namasuba which is bound to increase water production from 190million liters per day to 240 million liters per day

Speaking at the commissioning ceremony, the president urged Ugandans to desist from pollution, encroachment, deforestation among many environmental degradation activities.

“I encourage all Ugandans encroaching on swamps to peacefully leave. We can all see the effects of climate change. God created swamps, forests and swamps as natural cover. Not for you to build homes and encroach on! NWSC is spending a lot of money in water treatment and purification, swamps are natural sieves/filters lets protect them for the betterment of our daily lives”


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