Rains likely to cause disease outbreaks-warns MOH

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    Uganda has started experiencing heavy rains and this is likely to continue through the next few months. The rains are expected to cause flooding, extensive erosion and mudslides with loss of lives, destruction of homes and food supplies at varying levels in some districts.


    According to the ministry of Health, there are high possibilities of massive flooding, landslides, destructive windstorms, lightening, destruction of feeder roads, washing away of small-bridges and culverts, roofs of many village homes getting blown-off and rotting of root crops.

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    ‘ ‘ Some Health facilities are likely to be damaged and many pit-latrines will be flooded in the affected districts. The incidence of infectious and non-communicable diseases such as Malaria, Cholera, Asthma, Typhoid, Bilharzia, Dysentery and acute respiratory infections will rise to outbreak levels in many districts. ‘’ reads a statement from Ministry of Health.

    The Ministry  has appealed to the general public General Public to:  observe good general hygiene and Sanitation around homes and schools, seek early treatment from the nearest Health Facility in case of illness, Sleep under mosquito nets to avoid Malaria as well as drinking  chlorinated water or boil all drinking water as water sources are likely to be affected.

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