Ragga Dee turns into a beggar

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The 2016 elections left a couple of Ugandans smiling. Equally, a good number were left in tears after investing heavily (financially and otherwise) and losing miserably.

Among those counting losses is former Kampala City Lord Mayor aspirant Ragga Dee a.k.a Dan Kazibwe. For Ragga Dee, it was a double tragedy.

Shortly after the polls, robbers invaded Ragga Dee’s home in Makindgye Kizungu zone and went away with all valuables including the wife’s car and his NRM card. These tragedies left the once Uganda’s richest musician in a financial crisis.

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Now, the legendary musician has turned to his fellow artists to come to his rescue. Ragga Dee is said to be organizing a music concert to raise some money to among others replace his wife’s car as well as settle the outstanding loans arsing from mayoral campaigns.

Oba which theme will Ragga Dee use for this music concert? Hope all musicians will Tubonga naye!

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