Prophet Kakande is fake-Pastor Yiga

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By Nakawunde Kautharah

Controversial city pastor, Augustine Yiga is of a belief that Prophet Kakande stage manages Miracles. While delivering a sermon Sunday on 29th May 2016, the self styled Prophet Warned his followers on false Churches and false Pastors that are on the rise in Uganda.

The Abizaayo Pastor noted that there are so many staged miracles being performed in Uganda meant to woo and cheat Ugandans of their hard earned money. He pointed a miracle that has seen gone viral where a legendary city, pastor, Prophet Kakande of Synagogue Church of all Nations based in Mulago ‘healed’ Ugandans possessed with demons of night-dancering.

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“Controversial miracles are on the rise. You should all stand warned! Do you remember the Night dancer’s stunt? We hear, after getting ‘healed’ they were given free motorcycles, which were later removed from them. Hoping you understand who I mean” the man of God told his congregation.

Augustine Yiga Abizaayo is the lead pastor of The Revival Christian Church, based in Kawaala, a Kampala Suburb.

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Recently, Pastor Yiga was in the news for the wrong reasons. It is said; the man of God allegedly raped one of his followers- a one Brenda Nalubega and infected her with the deadly virus-HIV/AIDS.

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Kyoka, Ugandan pastors.

Hello Hon. Rebecca Kadaga, how are the Busoga ancestral gods- read Jaaja’s?

Hon. Gilbert Bukenya,when do you intend to touch base with Witch doctors in Masaka, otherwise with this cabinet fever, one needs some special favors from the small gods.

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