Pope prays for Peace & harmony in Uganda

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His Holiness Pope Francis has sent greetings to President Yoweri Museveni. The Pope sent the message on his way to Mozambique.
October 2017, President Museveni revealed that Pope Francis prayed for him when he had a fractured arm and it got healed. He also said that the Pope prays for him when they met in New York.

“I had fractured my hand accidentally by hitting something and when I met him (Pope Francis), somehow we were in the same room in the UN General Assembly. He prayed for me and my fractured hand got healed,” President Museveni said
In a short message, the Pope wrote “I send greetings to Your Excellency and your fellow Citizens’’
‘‘The assurance of my prayers for peace and harmony. I invoke abundant blessings upon all of you.’’ He added.
After nearly five months of research in 13 districts of Uganda, findings show the much anticipated 2021 election will be marred by unprecedented violence.

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The research report titled; ‘Early warning Signs for Violence in Uganda’s 2021 Elections and Structures and Strategies for Mitigation,’ conducted by the Women’s Democracy Network and Innovation for Democratic Engagement and Action found that 83 percent of all those surveyed believe there will be violence in the next election.

Pope’s final messages to Mozambicans
On his final day in Mozambique, Pope Francis on Friday scolded political and business leaders in the resource-rich but poor East African country who allow themselves to be corrupted by outsiders.
“Mozambique is a land of abundant natural and cultural riches, yet paradoxically, great numbers of its people live below the poverty level,” Francis said in the stadium, in an area of the capital where many people live in shantytowns with houses of corrugated metal roofs.

“At times it seems that those who approach with the alleged desire to help have other interests. Sadly, this happens with brothers and sisters of the same land, who let themselves be corrupted. It is very dangerous to think that this is the price to be paid for foreign aid,” Francis said.

Mozambique is still struggling to recover from the impact of a $2 billion debt scandal, which saw hundreds of millions of dollars in borrowing guaranteed by the Mozambique government disappear.

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