Police terminates the services of Flying squad operatives

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Flying Squad commander has terminated the services for all operatives amid allegations of notorious crimes and misuse of their weapons.

In a notice addressed to all the operatives, the Unit Commander announced that their services have been terminated till further notice.

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‘ ‘ All those who have been working with Flying Squad Unit as Operatives, their Services have been terminated with effect from 5th November 2018, till further notice’’ reads a notice issued by Commandant of the FSU Peter Kakonge Monday evening.

Human Rights Lawyer Nicholas Opiyo described the development as ‘ ‘One step in the right direction’’

Adding that ‘ ‘ Police could have more could be done including prosecuting these criminal elements and disbanding the Flying Squad’’
In March, the Foundation for Human Rights Initiative urged Ochola, to clear the tainted image of the force. The activists also demanded that the new IGP disbands the notorious crime preventers, the Police Flying Squad and bring back the special investigations department to fight crime in the country.

The Police Flying Squad was created as an emergency response to high crime in the city and its suburbs. At first it was a para-military group called ‘Wembley’ commanded by Brig Elly Kayanja.
It later morphed into the Violent Crime Crack Unit (VCCU), and was renamed the Rapid Response Unit (RRU), then Special Investigations Division (SID). In 2012 it was named Flying Squad.
Since it was created in 2001, the Flying Squad has leaned on some ill-trained, unprofessional operatives to fight violent crime. Their unprofessional methods have drawn a public backlash.

May this year, the IGP Martin Okoth Ochola disbanded police’s Flying Squad Unit (FSU) due to mounting allegations of gross misconduct and torture of suspects by its operatives.
Early this year, IGP Ochola also converted the notorious Nalufenya from a detention facility associated with torture of suspects to an ordinary police station.

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